steep roofs

Andrew cannot do everything, but he does have a wide variety of skills to draw on. If you need something done, but do not specifically see it on this list, please contact him and ask. Some projects may be too large, but never too small! Keeping on top of the small tasks can make all the difference around the home - from purely cosmetic upgrades and repairs to the more essential safety and health related.

Besides the itemized list below, among the most common work he is asked to do is: Disability Access - Building wheel chair ramps and Installing grab bars and handrails; Plumbing - Fixing leaking pipes and faucets, Clearing clogged drains and Replacing toilets; Electrical - Replacing broken light switches, sockets and fixtures; Carpentry - Installing smoke detectors, rebuilding broken steps, Repairing rotted and unsafe porches and decks, Replacing broken doors and windows, and Installing locks and deadbolts.

Carpentry Grab Bars Small Item Repairs Railings
Plumbing Dump Runs Wheel Chair Ramps Decks
Caulking Electrical Pressure Washing Roof Work
Tile Painting Landscaping Doors
Windows Concrete Gutter Cleaning Light Fixtures
Leaky Faucets Insulation Water Drainage Drywall
Wood Flooring Fences General Maintenance Pre-Sale Repairs
Demolition Mill Work/Trim Trip Hazard Removal Appliances
Doorway Widening Safety ADA Compliance Seasonal Maint.