Home Repairs For Seniors - 70+

brick house

Andrew is committed to enabling you to stay in your home longer while improving the quality of life by providing reasonable repairs, maintenance and upgrades at a reasonable price. His goal is to have you be able to live in your current home independently, safely and comfortably.

As we get older, we are just not as able as we used to be and can no longer do the same things we once did easily and took for granted. If your doctor or spouse has recently told you “no more ladders!” it is time to call Andrew.

Andrew realizes that he works for people who may have even more skills than he does to do a job, but because of current physical limitations, just can no longer do them, or do them safely. Wives may have lost the husbands that used to do all of the assorted chores to keep the house in shape. These are Andrew’s customers.

Andrew has a good-old-fashioned Midwestern work ethic, is honest to a fault and has the skills necessary to perform most tasks at a high level of workmanship.

This is a Thank You card Andrew received from a customer that clearly summarizes why he is in business:
brick house